Gram Rabbit – Dirty Horse

Posted On Νοέμβριος 25, 2008

Filed under art, politics

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One Response to “Gram Rabbit – Dirty Horse”

  1. exiled

    Now the devil said, “Come on and walk with me.
    I’ll show you some things that you may not ever see.
    It’s time that I made myself real clear
    and if things are cool, we’ll stop off and grab a beer.

    Ohhh (4x)

    Well, I never wanted to start any type of fight.
    I always wanted to make things just real right.
    But Jesus is mad and he’s blaming it all on me,
    when the problem is you, it’s very plain to see.

    Ohhh (4x)

    Now the horse out back has got a dirty mind,
    and the man on the moon is drinking up all the shine.
    The witch on the broom is fixing soon to crash,
    but I’ll be around to pick up all the trash.”

    Ohhh Jesus said, “Ohhh.”
    and the devil said, “Ohhh.”
    and the angels said, “Ohhh.”
    Coyote said, “Ohhh.”
    the white rabbit said, “Ohhh.”
    the little yetti said, “Ohhh.”
    and we all said, “Ohhh.”



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